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June 2017 Guest Gallery

Sheri Cooper & Ann-Marie Spurr sent these great photos from their recent Hawk Walk flying the babies - Bagun & Ispini at only 5 months old!

May 2017 Guest Gallery

Here is Patty Kelley flying wonderful Putog on her first ever public Hawk Walk. Patty was the first person, other than ourselves, to fly young Putog - still just a baby at 4 months old.

April 2017 Guest Gallery

Thank you to James Fallon for this great photo of their recent Family Hawk Walk with us flying Cara & Andes and an impromptu appearance from Milly!

January, February & March 2017 Guest Gallery

Thank you to Claire Wilkes who sent this brilliant photo of her husband flying Samhradh during his recent Hawk Walk with us.

August & September 2016 Guest Gallery

Thank you to Terry Hale for this great photo. Terry flew Stoker & Earrach and Maya & Wilde with her friends, Marjorie Langston, Margo Knight & Susan Cheatham during their recent  Hawk Walk with us.

June & July 2016 Guest Gallery

Here is Kathleen Birsic, as taken by her husband William, Kathleen flew Aztec & Chico during her recent Hawk Walk with us.

January, February, March, April & May 2016 Guest Gallery

Here is Christine Salvadori flying Blasket with us recently, great landing shot.

October/November 2015 Guest Gallery

Here is Shayna Fujii & Mestisa flying Samhradh & Milly with us recently.

September 2015 Guest Gallery

Wendy Hryniw somehow managed to capture this great photo of Dingle in flight, he looks really fast in this photo! I love how far forward he throws his feet before landing.

August 2015 Guest Gallery

I love this great landing shot, sent in by Jodi Curtin, from the Curtin family Hawk Walk flying Samhradh & Wilde with us.

June & July 2015 Guest Gallery

Trish & Kevin Hill flying Wilde & Stoker on their recent Hawk Walk with us.

April & May 2015 Guest Gallery

Jim & Anita Neumann sent this amazing photo of Lima flying towards them when they flew her recently. It is a fantastic photo.

January, February & March 2015 Guest Gallery

Chris Eichrodt flying Maya during his recent Hawk Walk with us.

November & December 2014 Guest Gallery

Nathan Desloover sent this great photo of his brother-in-law, Christian, flying Maya during their recent Hawk Walk with us.

October 2014 Guest Gallery

I love this landing shot that Marsha Thomas and her cousin, Phena, captured when they flew Joyce on their recent Hawk Walk with us.

September 2014 Guest Gallery

Lola Buickians flying Dingle at the end of her recent Extended Hawk Walk.

August 2014 Guest Gallery

Robert Brotherton with Killary, as sent in by Kendra White-Brotherton.

July 2014 Guest Gallery

Steve & Emma Lowe took this fabulous photo as Burren comes in to land on them.

June 2014 Guest Gallery

Devin Adler flying Uisce during his recent Hawk Walk with us.

April & May 2014 Guest Gallery

Erica Nordean & Justin Mahaffa sent this great photo of big Joyce & Swift coming in to land when they flew them on their recent Hawk Walks with us.

March 2014 Guest Gallery

Pam Kobza flying Swift recently.

December 2013 Guest Gallery

Suzanne House and her husband, just setting off on their Hawk Walk.

The Hohner Family Hawk Walk Gallery

Wow, this great photo was sent in by Joe Hohner of True North Attitude.com.

November 2013 Guest Gallery

Stuart & Frances Lange flying Joyce & Stoker on their Hawk Walk.

October 2013 Guest Gallery

John Keady sent this great photo of his Grandson, Ian, setting off to fly Earrach.

September 2013 Guest Gallery

Dave Chamberlain flying Fomhar, as captured by his niece Lisa O\'Donnell.

August 2013 Guest Gallery

Albert Kuhn captured this great landing shot of Inca with Kathy Kuhn recently.

July 2013 Guest Gallery

Alexander Honold flying Inca during his recent Hawk Walk.

June 2013 Guest Gallery

Joanne DeChants flying Inca recently.

May 2013 Guest Gallery

The O\'Flaherty\'s setting off on their Hawk Walk.

April 2013 Guest Gallery

Amanda & Billy Hyatt flying Aztec & Chico on their recent Hawk Walk.

March 2013 Guest Gallery

I love this photo that Christian Kovac sent in from the Kovac recent Hawk Walk.

February 2013 Guest Gallery

Tim, Tabitha & 10 yr old Brianna flying Milly, Samhradh & Fomhar on their recent Hawk Walk.

January 2013 Guest Gallery

Rosemary McCreery sent this outstanding photo of Dingle landing during their recent Hawk Walk.

December 2012 Guest Gallery

Barbara Hassler in action during her recent Hawk Walk.

November 2012 Guest Gallery

John Renaud meets Wilde as he sets off to fly him on his recent Hawk Walk.

October 2012 Guest Gallery

Geoff & Francine Dubiski sent this outstanding photo that they took of Maya and Inca when they flew them recently. It is a stunning photo, it is always interesting to see how far the feathers curl up at the end of the wings when coming in to land.

September 2012 Guest Gallery

Amy Greer flew Rua & Burren with Mark Murphy on their recent Hawk Walk.

The baby Harris hawks flying - August 2012.

Inca stooping. We have all got very attached to little Inca, our small Peruvian female Harris hawk, she is very talkative and sees no reason to stop while stooping!!

August 2012 Guest Gallery

Martin Dhlemann flying Wilde recently.

July 2012 Guest Gallery

Candace Gaudiani flying Killary on her recent Hawk Walk.

June 2012 Guest Gallery

Jack McCardell flying Fomhar on the McCardell family Hawk Walk recently.

The Baby Harris hawks of 2012!!!

Aztec on his first ever Hawk Walk!!! Thank you to Patrick Daniel for this great photo of Aztec as his wife, Kathryn, flew him on his first Hawk Walk just the other day.

May Guest Gallery 2012

No-one told Dingle it was rude to speak with your mouth full!

April 2012 Guest Gallery

James took this great photo of Wilde showing off how good his flying has become now that he is nearly one year old!

March 2012 Guest Gallery

Aurelie flying one of the baby hawks by the lake at Ashford Castle with her dog ( Boo) along for expert advice!

February 2012 Guest Gallery

This is a stunning photo of Aoife flying Milly by the lake.

January 2012 Guest Gallery

Four of the hawks enjoying working together by the lake yesterday.

December 2011 Guest Gallery

Here is Damian flying one of the babies by the lake at Ashford Castle recently.

November 2011 Guest Gallery

Marty Atkinson captured these great photos of Geimhreadh when he flew him on 20th November.

October 2011 Guest Gallery

This great photo of Dingle was taken by Jim & Karey Kuhlman, when they flew him recently. I have zoomed in as it was such a great photo.

September 2011 Guest Gallery

Thank you to Natalie-Anne Downs for this outstanding photo of Samhradh, when she flew him recently.

August 2011 Guest Gallery

Wow, thank you to Drew Braun and James Monegan for this brilliant photo of Uisce flying, it is one of the best photos we have ever seen.

New baby hawks of 2011!

Melanie Murphy flying Joyce, one of the baby hawks that she thought up the name for earlier this year.

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July 2011 Guest Gallery

Doug Zeller flying Killary on his recent Hawk Walk.

June 2011 Guest Gallery

Thank you to Jeannine Horan for these excellent photos of her Hawk Walk with us on June 16th.

May 2011 Guest Gallery

Thank you to Claudia Somes for this great photo of our four young hawks all flying together with Claudia recently.

April 2011 Guest Gallery

Thank you to Lindsey for this brilliant photograph of Rua coming in to land!

January, February & March 2011 Guest Gallery

Three of our male Harris hawks by Misty Sheriff

Ashford Castle Collection

Ariel View of Ashford Castle