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Founded in 1999 the oldest Falconry School in Ireland specialises in one-hour Private Hawk Walks where you will fly our wonderful Harris hawks around the spectacular grounds of Ashford Castle. Within minutes of arriving you will have a hawk on your glove and will be setting off on an adventure to fly your hawk free around the gardens and through the woodlands of Ashford Castle, an unrivalled location. Our Hawk Walks are a completely immersive, interactive and hands-on adventure. You will never forget the moment when your hawk first swoops down from a tree and lands back on your gloved fist. Flying a hawk is a remarkable experience that is truly a connection with nature.


Private one-hour Hawk Walks

The Falconry School is home to the largest and most diverse collection of Harris hawks in the world. During your private Hawk Walk you will fly one of our wonderful Harris hawks, a species renowned for their easy-going temperament and unusually sociable nature. As you fly your hawk, the Falconer will explain all about the hawks exceptional eyesight, their speed and agility but also about the individual hawks that you are flying. We are unique in that we train all of the hawks ourselves, and we never sell them, they are flown free every day and are part of our family, we make a lifelong commitment to them

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